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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 9, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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mickey d's drive-thru and the struggle began. look at the two morons. police returned boris to his rightful owner. good for o boris. thanks for watching. >> shepard: in box no. one a watch dog group reports iran is building another nuclear facility. who is making the claim and what the u.s. government has to say about it. live at the pentagon. number two, more trouble for texas and beyond. first the flooding and now funnel clouds in the mix. in box no. three here is one for you. the sheriffs want to take a peek at your private medical records and know what you are taking to better enforce laws. they say it is for your safety. is it constitutional? judge andrew napolitano weighs in. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. the labor department releasing
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what appears to be some very encouraging news on the economy. we are told a number of new folks who filed for jobless benefits fell to the lowest level in a couple of months. encouraging sign for millions of unemployed americans but this is about politics as much as it is economics apparently and the president is now acknowledging this a political headache for his party. how are investors reacting? giving up some gains made earlier in the day. a dip to almost even 15-20 minutes ago. maybe ground being made up. get jerri's two cents. >> a good sign but it ain't the whole game. we are talking about a week's worth of data. 9.6 unemployment rate. the number working versus those unemployed, the number is down significantly. down below 60%. it is hard for people to get
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their arms around the fact that 15 million americans aren't working. >> shepard: the white house had a difficult time controlling the ne native. >> i think it will be tough. here is what the president had to say about the very topic. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as it currently is, then we are not going to do well because i think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it has been doing. >> all right, so, you know, he even admits here that is can't be about the economy because we are going to lose if that is the case. they have to paint it another way. everybody is playing politics with this right now, the republicans and democrats. interesting we got a survey today about u.s. competitiveness ranking because we like to think of ourselves at number one. not this time. look who we are behind. switzerland and sweden, can you
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believe that. sinsingapore an active capitalt economy and you would expect it to be at the top. switzerland and sweden, you got to be kidding me. >> shepard: all of the s countries. every day on the fox business network. if you don't get the fox business network you should demand it. the fastest growing business news on television. for all the latest business news 24/7/365 you will find that at fox an opposition group in iran claims the country is busy building another nuclear facility and says it has the truth. the group released these satellite images purported to show tunnels dug into the side of the mountain. the group claims it has intelligence the facility is used to enrich uranium. the u.s. government has yet to comment on the claims. the alleged site of this thing
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is in kazvied ne, 80 miles west of tehran. our pentagon reporter is there now live. what is this group and what is it saying about this place? >> this is the largest dissident group outside of iran. they are exiled and have been a thorn in the side of the regime nor a long time. they made one of the biggest discoveries about iran's nuclear program. they is been right before and they have also been wrong. never a good thing when iran is digging tunnels into the side of a mountain. some of the tunnels are 200-yards long. >> there is this huge underground site and built under the tunnels huge cascade halls underground to run uranium enrichment program, certainly not for peaceful purposes. >> they say who centrifuges
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have been moved into the facility yet. >> shepard: has the u.s. government made any statements about the claims? >> they have been remarkably quiet about the group's claims today. that being said, they haven't dismissed them outright because the group has been right in the past. i tell you when we asked the state department spokesman he told us "the mek that is the group, has made pronouncements about uranium facilities in the past and some are accurate and some are not. we will study the information they released today ." >> shepard: the nuke site claims comes as a u.s. ally announces economic restrictions on iran. >> south korea announced it is going to be sanctioning iran in a tight way. closing down an iranian bank in south korea and seoul that has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars through there and it has been a key funder of the
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nuclear program. this was a very big step forward by a u.s. ally, seoul following obviously the president signing tighter sanctions back in july. >> shepard: jen griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. iran announcing itle release one of the three hikers arrested last year. we are not sure which one. iran reports it is making the move to mark the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan. the state department spokesperson says he can't confirm the release but says if it is true it is terrific news although iran should release all three of them. tehran accused the three of spying after they were found near the border. the hikers' families released this video of the hikers having fun just days before the arrest they tell us. the families say the three were visiting well known waterfalls in the area and just got lost. we will bring you more on the story as it develops. fox news weather alert. the governor of texas has now issued a disaster declaration
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for 40 texas counties after floods around tornadoes ripped through parts of the state, leaving at least two people dead. the system now making its way to the north after it dumped up to a foot of rain on parts of texas and oklahoma. but that was not all. see this. the storm also triggering several funnel clouds including this one today watched form live from a helicopter. that downed a power line in suburban dallas. you can see the sparks there. just over the border of oklahoma crews working to determine whether a tornado caused all of this. it is pretty severe. the homeowner says he was going to get his emergency radio when a blast of wind tripped him under a dresser. he was stuck there until a neighbor game over to help. janice dean is in the weather center. what do we know if the strength of the tornado? >> ef 2 west of dallas. we saw a big rig that was toss inside a building with the driver still in it. winds in excess of 110 miles an
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hour, up to 137 miles per hour. the dallas radar going back when we saw the tornado reports. four reports of tornadoes and then a couple of reports of tornadoes as you mentioned in oklahoma. still watching the system closely. >> shepard: where is it headed? >> ozarks right now. looks like parts of arkansas in through missouri and illinois. we are still getting some moisture trailing in through parts of eastern texas but the bulk of the rainfall, again, across missouri, illinois and arkansas. we won't see the amount of rain that we saw yesterday. in some cases, over 15 inches of rain in parts of northeast texas. >> shepard: all right. and more storms it appears are forming out in the atlantic. >> just a quick look at all the flood advisories still posted for the area just south of springfield a flash flood warning. watching tropical storm igor way out in the atlantic. we do think this is going to become a hurricane the next several days. i'm watching this area of low
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pressure across the win ward islands and the southern western antilles. closer to home and watch the tropical models further out in time. by saturday, sunday of next weekend could be dealing with a hurricane possibly, possibly threatening either florida or the gulf of mexico. >> shepard: all right. we'll watch it. janice, thanks a lot. the marines rescue hostages from a ship hijacked by pirates. the marines going up to a pirate ship and getting it down. former cuban leader fidel castro speaking to the media for the first time since he left office. what he said today left a lot of people jaw dropped. communism is not working in his country. that is just the start of it. that is what he said. jonathan hunt on fidel castro's new interview and jonathan is chatting about that and the other top stories of the day at fox share your comments and questions with him if you feel
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>> shepard: crew members of a german owned cargo ship are today safe and sound after a daring u.s. marine raid on a group of somali pirates. we are told the pirates hijacked the magellan star yesterday in the gulf of aiden but the party didn't last long. before dawn u.s. marine commandos stormed the ship and arrested nine suspected pirates.
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the marines did not have to fire a single shot. in is the first time since the hijacking in 1985 that armed marines have boarded a hijacked vessel. >> the communist system is no longer working in cuba, so says the father of cuba's communist revolution himself fidel castro. the former president made the comment in what is no doubt a rare interview with a reporter for the atlantic magazine. the first time fidel castro has spoken to an american reporter since he stepped down back in '06. he resigned he said due to a serious illness. we are told he has since recovered. when a reporter asked fidel castro whether his socialist ideas would still work elsewhere in the world castro is reported to have replied the cuban model doesn't even work for us any more. jonathan hunt live with more. this sounds great. i mean comments about communism obviously a big deal but those weren't the only surprising things he said. >> they weren't.
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to jeffrey goldberg from the atlantic magazine. castro was in a clearly reflective mood in an interview that went on for a couple of days. he was critical of iranian president ahmadinejad and his comments. castro told jeffrey goldberg and i'm quoting here, i don't think any one has been slandered more than the jews. i would say much more than the muslims. they have been slandered more than the muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. no one blames the muslims for anything. jeffrey goldberg also talked to castro about the 1962 cuban missile crisis asking him and i quote here at a certain point it seemed logical to recommend that the soviets bomb the u.s. does what you recommended still seem logical now? castro reportedly replied after i have seen what i have seen and knowing what i know now, it wasn't worth it all. so a very, very bizarre
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surprising interview by the former cuban leadership. >> shepard: and what did the reporter have to say about fidel castro's health or at least how it seemed to him? >> he said castro seemed relaxed and in pretty good health considering that the digestive problems were the root of his illness nearly killed him. goldberg said he took a long look at what he was eating. had small amounts of fish and salad, quite a bit of bread dipped in olive oil and a glass of red wine. overall he said castro looked in pretty good shape. >> shepard: aces an aside he likes dolphins. >> he does. jeffrey goldberg was invited to the havana aquarium which was supposed to be closed that day but fidel castro was able to make it open. castro said that havana has the best dolphin show in the world and all the tricks underwater with divers who don't wear any sort of breathing apparatus.
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jeffrey goldberg says he has seen his fair share of dolphin shows and never seen any one enjoy a dolphin show as much as fidel castro apparently did. >> shepard: this is all weird. communism doesn't work any more and dolphins are awesome. jonathan will be online chatting about this and the other top stories of the day. click the on the hunt link on the right-hand side and join in the conversation. a group of sheriff's in one state pushing for access to prescription records of people pain killersrful feign killers like oxycontin. opponents say it would violate the right to privacy. there is still such a thing believe it or not. judge andrew napolitano on whether the measure is constitutional. that's next.
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>> shepard: 18 minutes past the hour now. sheriff's in north carolina or one of them says he wants to know what drugs you are taking. actually it is multiple sheriffs and they want permission to know if anybody in the state of north carolina has a prescription for the antianxiety medicine xanax plus pain killers oxycontin or percocet and the sleep medication ambien. i'm two out of four on the list but they can't find out if i don't want to tell them. they want to do it without a warrant. police report it will better help solve crimes. critics say it is an invasion of privacy and would be a crime itself. joining us is judge andrew napolitano. i can't even -- we were talking during the break. i can't even belief they are asking this. who the hell do they think they are to want to know what drugs
3:20 pm
you are taking? get out of my life you fools. >> the fourth amendment was written because you have the right to be left alone and the right to privacy and written so the government couldn't do this. when the government wants something nonpublic about you it uses the excuse of safety. you can think of safe societies like east germany or china where there are no liberties and the police could do and can do whatever they want. who would want to live there? wester a constitution that restrains the government from doing certain things and tolerates the abuse and criminality of a few to preserve the privacy of us all. in if they want medical records they have to present probable cause of a crime to a judge. if the judge agrees the judge signs a warrant. if the judge disagrees the records are private and the government can't get them. >> shepard: and has always been. >> for 230 years been the law in the country.
3:21 pm
>> shepard: seems to work. the judge says here are the circumstances surrounding this, for the greater good and the protection of the public to make sure that the rule of law is enforced i will allow you to do this thing that you can't do without my permission. >> seems to work. sometimes courts say no because sometimes the police are looking for the medical records of the person that didn't commit the crime. say the child is abusing the drugs but it is the parent's prescription. that would not give the right to invade the privacy of the parent because they are not committing the crime. the presumed position is privacy. why? because that is what the framers wrote in the the fourth amendment and the police need to underand it that. >> shepard: they normally do. >> and we talked about this in the break and this is why i'm aggravated. privacy is getting kicked around in this country and people are allowing it to slip out of our hands. 10 or 15 years ago the police would not have had the hoopspa to even ask for a law to get
3:22 pm
prescriptions from the doctors for pharmacies. today they ask for it. we are having this debate and they will lose but they shouldn't even we asking for it. >> shepard: i'm confident. i wish i hadn't used the word fool, i was kidding around. i'm confident if they had the list they could sort those who are abusers from those that have legitimate needs for these and you use them properly and don't drive and it would probably help them but the theory is the constitution indicates that would be bad for the community of the united states as a whole. >> it would be bad for individuals if the police could decide whose records they got, whose information they exposed, whose privacy at the invaded. that is why we have established that better for worse, judges are imperfect as any one else is, a class of human beings most of whom have their jobs for life, not going to lose their job if they do something unpopular. we call them judges. thethey decide when the policen
3:23 pm
get starts search warrants, the don't decide on their own. >> shepard: the people, the person has a right to challenge it. rush limbaugh is a high profile person who challenged it and won. >> sometimes when the police want your records the prosecutors tell you we are going to ask for your records if you want to resist here is how you can do so. sometimes they just go to the judge and the judge decides without hearing from you. in the limbaugh case he resisted and prevailed. >> shepard: his argument was that the facts that they think that they have given you that they say are facts are not facts at all, judge. >> and even if they were they don't constitute the level of behavior called probable cause that the constitution requires as a threshold for giving a search warrant. >> shepard: as a former sitting judge on the new jersey superior court what is your thinking about what will happen when the sheriffs officially go and ask for this? >> i think the legislature will deny i it and if the legislatue
3:24 pm
thinks it can authorize this the north carolina supreme court will invalidate it. and if they don't, the united states supreme court will invalidate it. sheathese sheriffs want to chae 230 years of siften consistent protection of privacy. there is simply no basis for the blanket invasion of that privilege. >> shepard: we talk about privacy in a lot of ways and there was controversy under the last administration. the cameras on every corner. we know that cameras on every corner help the police but you do have to think about it. if you are on a public street you have no expectation of privacy in theory. >> when you are on a street corner you are lulled into a sense of security because you forget that the camera is there and don't realize that many have a microphone with them. >> shepard: i didn't know that. >> there are cameras within 100-yards of where you and i are now seatd that also have microphones and you forget about it but do you really want
3:25 pm
to live in a society where some buru crat from the government whether a police officer or civilian watches everywhere you go and listens to what you say. that is not the value of the america privacy rights we have enjoyed for 230 years. why should the government watch us? the government works for us! we should watch the government. >> shepard: that is our job. >> yes, it is. >> shepard: we should walk around maybe naked on the street saying all kinds of stuff. >> that would cause attention. >> shepard: you go first. >> not going to do it. >> shepard: catch the judge on freedom watch saturdays at 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. eastern and sundays at 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on the fox business network. the fastest growing business network on tv. a prison break at a maximum
3:26 pm
secure facility in iraq. a prison that once housed saddam hussein. the problem is the u.s. has custody over the worst of the inmates and the ones that just escaped are said to have ties to -- all together now -- al-qaeda. details coming up in just three minutes. what super fruit is taking america by storm?
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3:29 pm
claim have links to al-qaeda escaped from a maximum security prison in baghdad. a section of the prison under american control. the facility is called carq prison. the u.s. handed over the prison to iraqis in july but they asked the united states military to watch some of the worst prisoners and some of the worst in there are the worst of the worst. the prison is in baghdad. guards covering the four were missing or guards discovered the four were missing when they caught two others trying to escape. with us, mike baker, former cia covert operations officer, president of diligence, a global intelligence and security firm. if they came out of the section and they are part of the group the united states is watching it is my understanding they are trouble. >> they are trouble and this will confuse some people because they think we turned over all the detention
3:30 pm
facilities and we did. it was named after a staff sergeant who died in 2002, kenneth cropper. that was the last detention facility we handed over to the iraqis in mid july of this year. by mutual agreement we held on to 200 of the absolute worst of the detainees at that time and they were individuals with al-qaeda links and people from the former saddam hussein regime. from the iraqi military perspective they were happy not to have direct responsibility for these people but in a sense it is not a world unto itself. it is not as if we are operating a u.s. prison inside an iraqi prison. it is a joint operation. the iraqi security handles perimeter security. wester training personnel and logistical personnel and agreement from a big picture sense we still have responsibility for the worst of the worst.
3:31 pm
>> shepard: maximum security means something and leads me to wonder they must have had some kind of help inside, right? >> well, and this is not the first escape from either this facility orpha silts around the country. -- or, facilities around the country. shortly after we handed over camp cropper there was a breakout of four others with al-qaeda links. over the years we had a number of breakouts and usually there is an inside element. somebody is bribing somebody or threatening or extorting a prison worker's family and so they provide assistance because they are trying to protect their family, whatever the reason might be. part of the problem also is as a joint operation, any time you have a joint operation, more than one military, government, more than one agency are responsible for the maintenance of a if facility you have a potential for a goat route because you have potentially unclear reporting lines.
3:32 pm
delineation of responsibilities that may not be clear between the various elements responsible. i think in a way you could say as we get further and further down the road of handing over all responsibility to the iraqi military this could be an indication of potential trouble down the road. >> shepard: i wonder if there isn't a perception problem here this is the american's fault? >> yes, and there has been some of that already. the iraqi officials saying the u.s. military came to us and apologized for the escape but they can't excuse themselves from responsibility. overall they have perimeter responsibilities, perimeter security for the facility. >> shepard: a little news breaking right now. we reported earlier that one of the three hostages iran had been holding would be released and we now know as predicted that the female is the one. fox news confirms iran will release shara shor d shortly. she will be released and i "very soon."
3:33 pm
this is his exact statement. i would like to confirm that iran will be releasing sarah shourd very soon. you are familiar with the three. wandering around and the families claim they went to see a waterfall and seemed like a fun place to go do stuff but trust me, there are plenty of adventurers that like to do stuff like this. according to the family they also like to dance, do not judge them on how well they dance. that this he released somebody, the timing, there is significance here, to say it is an end of ramadan gift is for not look at the big picture. >> an easy out to say it is because of the ramadan. >> shepard: for the jewish new year. >> a lot of other things going on including additional information about additional potential nuclear facilities they have been constructing. it appears as if iran is sticking with past form any time that it looks like they
3:34 pm
are about to get slammed over the nuclear policies they do something over here to distract and throw attention to this side. in this case releasing one of three. the students, you can question their common sense for hiking in that part of the world but they should have been released immediately by the iranian regime. i suspect that you are absolutely right the release of one and hopefully they go through with it and release the other two immediately after is basically a distraction or an attempt to distract from what is coming down the pike, more news, more information about to be released about their building nuclear programs. >> shepard: how serious are their internal problems? how seriously are the people turning against the government and in what kind of numbers? we don't really -- >> i'm not a buyer on the concept there will be unrest that will build up. >> shepard: we have seen unrest it hasn't produced much. >> and elements and efforts and resources devoted to trying to build up the internal support
3:35 pm
against the iranian regime over the decades and it hasn't happened. we are in a situation now where as they continue to march along on building their nuclear program, there really aren't any options that we can name that could be successful. the sanctions china, russia not playing ball so the sanctions have a limited bite to them. as painful as they may be occasionally. the unrest, the internal welling of support against the regime, frankly, i think it is a pipe dream at the end of the day. and then the idea of a military strike, well, we are talking about that but that would quickly become a regional conflict and spin out of control. all right, mike baker thanks. the news head line. good news, indeed. sarah shourd is now going to be released, quote, very soon. a statement from the iranian ambassador speaking to us at fox news. we have this directly confirmed.
3:36 pm
i know how thrilled the family must be and how forlorn they must be that the two guys are still being held. hopefully the two other guys will be on the way soon. >> shepard: another night of protests in los angeles. the cops claim the victim was on the attack. now, there is word the officer was involved in other shootings. two other police shootings. of course, context and perspective are very important on this and we will have that for you live from los angeles when we are back in threeking e minutes. our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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>> shepard: hundreds of people turning out for a third night of protests after police in los angeles say an officer killed a man from guatamela, a man whom they say was threatening a pregnant woman with a knife. protests have become much more. whatever that means. the death becoming something of a rallying point for community
3:40 pm
members using it to protest ongoing problems in the city of los angeles. trace gallagher is in the newsroom there. trace, the chief of police is standing by the officers even repeating a witness statement that refers to the men as angels. >> the chief made that statement last night at a community meeting that drew about 300 residents. he said that a woman told him that the man with the knife actually tried to attack her and a pregnant woman who was next to her and she said when the police showed up they were angels from heaven who came down to protect her life. when the crowd heard that statement it went nuts and exploded and one called out that it was a story out of hollywood. and others chantd that lapd officers were "killers." here is the crowd chanting and the police chief's response. listen. >> we don't teach police officers to take knives away
3:41 pm
from people. >> we should note that you heard that man speaking. he was speaking in the native language of guatamela which, of course, is what the suspect was. he was guatamelaian. the police chief maintains that the officers only had a few seconds to make the decision before shooting that man to death. >> shepard: now, the officer involved here had been also involved in two previous shootings, right? >> yeah, that's right. his name is frank hernandez. he is a 13 year veteran of lapd and he was involved back in 1999 with shooting a robbery suspect, a female. those injuries were not life threatening and you see back in 1999 he was also -- not in -- in 2008 he was accused or he was involved in the shooting of an assault suspect an 18-year-old also not life threatening injuries. the latest shooting is the one that prompted all the protests. again, last night you had
3:42 pm
hundreds of people out in mcarthur park in the area and again throwing rocks and bottles at police. these are people also from outside of the area who came in with flyers and trying to stir up trouble. they are vowing to have protests again tonight and the police, of course, will beef up presence again tonight. >> shepard: and then trace, interesting i thought that there was blood on this knife that the suspect was holding? >> yeah, we even have a picture of it. a 6-inch switchblade that had blood on it. now, remember, the police are saying when they got to the scene that 37-year-old manuel jimenez was waving the knife. you heard the accounts he tried to attack two other women. now, they are taking that knife and trying to test it to see whose blood it belongs to. as the investigation goes on you know as the police officers were looking at him there was blood all over the knife and
3:43 pm
that will also play into the investigation and might be a reason that prompted police to act as they did. >> shepard: trace, thanks a lot. a fast spreading wildfire is destroying dozens of homes in colorado. it has burned thousands of acres and already cost millions of dollars. live on scene coming up. three-time super bowl winner tom brady in a car crash on the eve of the nfl season. the latest on his status. he wasn't hurt. but it happened this morning and the boston websites and newspapers went all bat crazy. there is the crash itself. i don't know if it was an accident. we will tell you if it coulderi affect his team on sunday. that's coming up. s. the best of powder and gel one pac combine to conquer tough foods and greasy messes. cascade complete pacs. combine and conquer.
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toi switched to a complete0, multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. >> shepard: new england likely brighting a sigh of relief on word that tom brady this morning walked away from a car crash more or less unharmed. we are told brady was involved in a two vehicle fender bender around 6:30 this morning near
3:47 pm
his home in boston. the team says he didn't go to the hospital at all. and that he is expected to practice today. but the driver of the other automobile is said to have been injured. keep in mind the nfl season starts tonight! brady and the pats play the bengals on sunday. >> shepard: firefighters in colorado rushing to contain as much of the fire as they can before some expected powerful winds blow in this afternoon. we are told the gusts could dry out what little moisture there is in the air or the area and push the flames past the already 20-mile perimeter. the fires already destroyed nearly 170 houses in the four mile canyon area outside boulder. that is where alicia acuna joins us this hour. winds go get as high as 60 miles per hour. but calm, look at your hair right now.
3:48 pm
>> it is calm right now. firefighters are saying it could be a major wind event and affecting everything that they are doing behind me, six miles within that range. air tankers are trying to drop as much as they can to saturate the perimeter ahead of the wind. this is why -- take a listen. >> the wind event tonight we could be off to the races. all it takes is one spark outside and that is a new fire. and with the winds tonight it could be off to the races. not saying that it will. it takes a chain of events to get that to happen. >> if winds do get up to 60 miles per hour, that means gusts, shep, stronger than what spread the fire on monday. >> shepard: they were going to allow folks back into their homes to get some things but changed their mind. >> yes, they did change their mind. the computer models this morning said it would be safe
3:49 pm
for folks to go back in but in the afternoon computer models they realized it would be way too dangerous because there are no phone lines or electricity to get folks back out of there should the fire spark up again. >> shepard: mexican drug cartel said to be responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of people in the country over the last years. more and more it appears the gangs are also growing pot and sometimes they come across the border here and grow it in the united states. so we'll throw adam housely out of the helicopter. that's next. @=h
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
>> shepard: 8 minutes to cavuto now on fox news channel. the rampant drug-related violence in mexico has reportedly claimed the life of a third mayor in that country in just the last month. according to prosecutors a squad of hooded gunmen burst
3:53 pm
into an office in a town in central mexico and shot the mayor and killed him. the town is just south of the location of last month's massacre of 72 central and southern american migrants. the lone survivor of the attack claims gunmen killed the victims because they refused to work for the cartel. the feds claim mexican cartels are stepping up production of marijuana and growing it here in the united states in some places. huge outdoor pot farms on public land each reportedly capable of producing 30-tons of high grade weed a year. adam housely high as a kite in mountain view, california, right now, adam. hello, jumped out of a chopper and got high, is that what happened? >> back on the solid ground. you mentioned about the growing problem, no pun intended. not just here in california in the frontlines. 16 states have busted pretty significant sized pot gardens on federal land.
3:54 pm
not talking about state and local land. we had a chance to go out with the california air national guard and go out of the helicopter down 100 feet smack dab into the middle of one of the marijuana gardens. hundreds of feet above the treetops california's air national guard gets a bird's eye view of a growing marijuana problem plaguing our public hands. >> you see large amounts of marijuana grows on public lands throughout the state of california and it is a prevalent issue, often times taking up entire hillsides. >> the only way in is to hike or by atv. that is why the air national guard are so important. they can hoist law enforcement in from a couple hundred feet and today we go along for the ride. once on the ground, agents first secure the area, dealing terrainat brush, dangerous and even booby traps set by the
3:55 pm
cartels. plant by plant they work their way down, yanking several thousand plants out by the roots and piling them up and hoisting them out. >> if we didn't have the helicopter we never would have found this. you couldn't just drive down the dirt road out here and locate this. >> once the area is secured and the dope is out the way out is the same as the way in, straight up. >> the street value of today's haul, in excess of $2 million. just last year, 75% of the dope seized was on public land and the cleanup of these places in some cases, $1 million to clean up one of the pot farms. >> shepard: all right. adam housely. thank you, sir. interesting. police in florida arrested a woman for being a prostitute. only problem is she is not a prostitute. how did that happen? diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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3:59 pm
the dancing avatars. the results. first the bad moves. these are apparently bad moves, things not to do while dancing. first of all, don't wear all that grey and have your face, you know, plat. now, the good moves. my god. good lord. scientists say the majority of the women seemed to prefer big movements that involve the head, the neck and the body. i think


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